Support Fees for Out-of-Warranty Systems

Dear TechnoFrolics Clients,

We have reached the point where, due to having hundreds of installations in the field dating back 25 years, we can no longer continue to assess issues and help with recovery/repairs free of charge for exhibits far-out-of-warranty, and/or for issues separate from our contribution to the project or for components other than those under TF warranty (for example and in particular, general exhibit computer IT support/maintenance/install/backup, sometimes for systems whose manufacturer support for the operating system stopped years ago...).

We must therefore, of necessity, start charging for our time in terms of communication, assessing the problem, assisting with configuration changes and repairs, etc.

Our billing rate for such work is $50-85/hour (depending primarily on the complexity of the problem and skill level of TF staff required to address it), with a minimum bill time of 1 hour. (Note that if we can resolve a problem in just a couple of minutes via a quick email, we will continue to do so free of charge.)

Payment may be made by (usd) check, PayPal, wire transfer, or credit card. (PayPal preferred for smaller amounts, and wire transfer or check for larger.)

We hope you understand and appreciate our position.

David Durlach, Founder and Director